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Detailed Asphalt Sealcoating

Ensure your parking lot lives longer and looks better with asphalt sealcoating from Surface Sealing, inc. in Milford, Michigan. Hot rubber crack filling and sealcoating on a regular basis are important to protect the asphalt from damage and drying out. It also makes your parking lot or driveway more attractive.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Major cracks in asphalt permit moisture to penetrate to the base. If the base is disturbed, the asphalt above it cracks and breaks. Once a crack appears, it only worsens over time. Major cracks should be filled with hot rubber to seal the moisture out. At our company, we melt blocks of rubber so that they can be applied in a liquid form. This should be done prior to sealcoating.


Sealcoating is a protective coating that protects the asphalt and is visually pleasing with a satin black finish. Regular sealcoating every two or three years lengthens the life of the asphalt tremendously. This protects the asphalt from the sun's drying rays, helps to create a sealed tight surface to keep water away from the base, and protects the asphalt from salt, grease, and oil damage. Parking lots need two coats of seal while driveways need only one coat since they have less traffic.

Our Preparation Process

The seal only adheres to asphalt – not a layer of dirt on top of the asphalt. Therefore, we spend considerable time and effort making sure that the asphalt is clean before we apply the sealcoating. We use both a blower and a strong man with a broom to briskly scrub the surface. A quick job of cleaning would save us money, but we don't look at things that way. Instead, we feel it is important to always do our best work, which is only possible if the parking lot or driveway is thoroughly prepared. Each coat is sand-filled to help prevent a slippery surface, and makes the seal last longer..

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