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Commercial & Residential Asphalt Repair

Restore beauty and safety to your parking lot or driveway with asphalt repair from Surface Sealing, inc. in Milford, Michigan. From potholes to crumbling sidewalks and collapsed catch basins, we provide solutions to any of your asphalt or concrete problems.

Asphalt Restoration - Asphalt Repair

Restoring Your Asphalt

Damaged and broken asphalt, catch basins, and sidewalks need to be serviced before they worsen or cause injury to vehicles or individuals. Once the base under the asphalt or concrete is disturbed, it causes the surface material to crack and break. This results in potholes, sidewalk breakage, and catch basin collapse. Potholes continue to grow until they are repaired or replaced. Additionally, broken sidewalks are a trip hazard and collapsed catch basins need to be rebuilt and corrected for proper drainage.

At our company, we perform all of these repairs at a reasonable price. Once repairs are made, cracks are filled, and a satin black finish of seal is applied, parking stripes can be done. Proper signage is also important for smooth traffic flow.

Contact us for thorough asphalt repair.