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Making a Good First Impression

First impressions are important. Your parking lot or driveway is the first impression many of your customers have about you. It is important that your asphalt looks good and is in perfect condition in order to prevent personal injuries and damage to vehicles. Properly maintained asphalt lasts about twice as long as asphalt that is not maintained. Which will make your parking lot look more attractive and save you money.

For comprehensive asphalt maintenance, concrete repair and catch basin repair from a company you can trust, choose Surface Sealing, Inc. Based in Milford, Michigan, we are a small, family-run business that offers commercial and residential asphalt services, including hot rubber crack filling and sealcoating.

Most of our customers are repeats or referrals. This is because we stand behind all of our work and always try make sure each customer is completely satisfied. With more than 55 years of experience, we are able to give advice and educate clients to help them from start to finish. When it comes to helping our customers, we always go the extra mile.

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Eliminate unattractive and dangerous potholes from your parking lot with Surface Sealing, inc. We provide asphalt & concrete repair that meets every residential and commercial need.



Sealcoating will beautify your parking lot and it can double the life of your parking lot. We are also able to perform hot rubber crack filling and asphalt sealcoating.


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